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Cell Phone Signal Jammer Locations Online

How does the mobile phone signal jammer interfere with the signal?

There are many ways for mobile phones to obtain information, such as the most common Internet, and then SMS calls. Even Bluetooth can transmit information within a certain range, and the radio can also receive information from a certain station within a certain frequency to obtain information. There are many ways, but they are all […]

network signal

Shopping mall and supermarket mobile phone signal amplifier coverage solution

The retail and department store industries are one of the most important industries for the country to prosper the economy, promote consumption, and increase GDP. It is a barometer of a country’s economic prosperity. The application of wireless signal amplifier coverage plays a unique role in the extension and endogenous growth of retail enterprises. The […]

jammer block signal

What factors affect the stability of Jammer Devices?

Reasons for different signals caused by the influence of external and environmental factors: Due to the different power and channel numbers of base stations such as China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Netcom, and the distance between the base station and the prison, the size of other nearby buildings, terrain, and landforms are different, resulting […]

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