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Cell Phone Signal Jammer Locations Online

3 Places That Need to Use Mobile Phone Jammers

As we all know, in many occasions in life, it is very inappropriate to use mobile phones, such as exams and meetings. Mobile phone signal, WiFi signal. The multi band cell phone jammer is suitable for the following places: It is undeniable that we will encounter all kinds of exams in our life, ranging […]


Will Multi band Cell Phone Jammer affect the signal of other floors?

For the understanding of Multi band Cell Phone Jammer, most people know that it will be used in schools, prisons, detention centers and other places. However, jammers are also used in some special companies or confidential conference rooms. For example, in an office building, a company’s employees play mobile phones during working hours, which seriously […]


Full-Band 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g, Wifi Bluetooth Signal Jammer

During key confidential units, detention centers, and major meetings, in order to ensure that unit information is leaked and to prevent information transmission using wireless devices. It is necessary to install a full-band GSM/GPS signal jammer and become a key unit. Which frequency bands and devices can the full-band signal jammer block, and what features […]


Drone Jammer UAV Blocker Anti-Drone Detection & Jamming System

When holding major events, such as provincial sports games and visits by foreign leaders, strict security management measures must be set up. First of all, today’s security is not only in the security system of ground equipment, but also in the low-altitude intrusion defense. In particular, the intrusion of some black flying drones has been […]

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