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Drone Jammer UAV Blocker Anti-Drone Detection & Jamming System

When holding major events, such as provincial sports games and visits by foreign leaders, strict security management measures must be set up. First of all, today’s security is not only in the security system of ground equipment, but also in the low-altitude intrusion defense. In particular, the intrusion of some black flying drones has been an important consideration for security units in recent years. In addition, the government law clearly stated: the requirement to speed up the deployment of UAV detection and countermeasure equipment.

Conduct drone signal jammers in the core area of the party, government and military, the residence of the chief, the perimeter of the security line involved in foreign affairs activities and other major security tasks, nuclear power plants, oil refining and storage tanks and other flammable and explosive dangerous areas, and places where major events are held, etc. Pack.

So what are the functions and characteristics of the major security low-altitude defense intrusion defense drone signal jammer equipment- UAV jammer blocker?

The principle of Drone Detection & Jamming System

Compared with the traditional UAV counter-interception system, the drone signal jammers has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in technology, and is currently the most advanced electronic interception product in America. Domestic and foreign civilian drones usually use GPS satellite signals to achieve navigation and positioning, and realize real-time signal control, image transmission and other functions through radio signal remote control.

UAV RF and drone frequency jammings block the UAV’s uplink flight control channel and satellite positioning channel by emitting electromagnetic waves in a special frequency band, so that it loses the operator’s flight control and image transmission instructions and satellite positioning information, forcing the UAV to The man-machine cannot fly normally and achieve the control effect of returning, landing and falling.

The Drone Jammer UAV Blocker uses Cognitive Radio Protocol Cracking (CRPC) technology and co-frequency jamming technology to solve the detection, identification and defense low-altitude security system of civilian UAVs at home and abroad.

Features of Drone Detection & Jamming System:

  1. Unattended

The equipment can realize unattended, fully automatic attack, realize 7*24 hours automatic defense detection and real-time recording of strike events, and can detect and automatically drive away multiple sorties, different frequency bands, and different types of drones at the same time;

  1. Advance warning

The equipment can effectively detect and drive away at a distance of not less than 3km, with full coverage of the area, and is not afraid of hiding or camouflage. Within the control area, the remote control of the drone can be detected and identified in advance, so that the drone cannot take off;

  1. Precise positioning

The device uses radar scanning to accurately locate the position of the black flying drone in flight.

  1. Identification of friend or foe

The device adopts software radio reverse engineering and protocol analysis, which can accurately identify the drone model and device identification code, accurately identify the same brand of the same model UAV and different types of UAVs, with black and white list management and “identification friend or foe” function .

  1. Passive monitoring

The equipment uses an omnidirectional receiving antenna to monitor the radio environment in the defense area in real time. In the monitoring state, the system only accepts and does not actively transmit electromagnetic signals, which has the advantages of no dead angle, no radiation, and no interference;

Our UAV RF and drone frequency jamming blockers can perform passive detection, distinguish between friend and foe, and high-power interference for UAVs in protected areas. It can be used for low-altitude security defense in airports, prisons, important bases, stadiums, and major events.

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