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Shopping mall and supermarket mobile phone signal amplifier coverage solution

The retail and department store industries are one of the most important industries for the country to prosper the economy, promote consumption, and increase GDP. It is a barometer of a country’s economic prosperity. The application of wireless signal amplifier coverage plays a unique role in the extension and endogenous growth of retail enterprises. The deployment of a wireless signal coverage network, in addition to the wireless cashier and wireless office applications, the scalability of the enterprise-level WLAN network, on this network in the future can smoothly expand more abundant wireless applications.

Wireless storage

The management of goods, including warehousing management, inventory, and other operations, traditionally uses a manual process, which has a high rate of document error and a waste of time, which is not conducive to the timely and accurate grasp of inventory status and timely formulation of business strategies. Through the deployment of wireless network coverage, through wireless terminals (handheld or airborne), cargo information is recorded in the back-end database in real-time, automatic management of incoming and outgoing goods, and wireless inventory are realized, which facilitates accurate inventory status and rapid marketing decisions. This method not only improves efficiency but also eliminates flaws and fraud.

Merchant Wi-Fi

Merchants in shopping malls/department stores will interact with their own chain agencies or manufacturers for daily sales information interaction and product information inquiries and need to provide Internet services. Due to space constraints, the locations of the Internet hosts of these merchants are very flexible and often need to be distributed. Adjustments are currently generally used by merchants to directly lease ADSL from operators, which is expensive and often needs to be adjusted. By deploying wireless network coverage, shopping malls can carry out virtual operations. Shopping malls can form new profit growth points through wireless coverage, making IT departments profitable department.

Wireless price adjustment

This kind of application is the most common in supermarkets. Stores need to frequently adjust commodity prices in time to ensure that the prices on the shelf labels are consistent with the contents of the database. The traditional operation is all manual operation for the price adjustment, which is inefficient and error-prone, which often leads to disputes. By deploying wireless network coverage, wireless price checking can be performed first, wireless operation can replace manual work, wireless terminals can scan shelf barcodes, promptly and quickly proofread and adjust prices; in the future, wireless dynamic price adjustments can be further realized, wireless display tags can replace paper price tags, through Wireless display tags can efficiently solve these problems.

Mobile exclusive shopping guide

Through the deployment of wireless coverage networks, combined with the shopping websites of merchants, and page push technology, the mobile terminals that enter the shopping area of ​​the mall are analyzed and evaluated in terms of user shopping habits, and targeted personalized pages are pushed to customer terminals to form a true one-to-one. Wireless shopping guide for consumers.

Other wireless applications

Including customer Internet access, wireless receipt, wireless voice, wireless video surveillance.

Features of the wireless retail solution:

  1. High reliability. The Fit AP solution is adopted, and the signals between APs are unified and automatically controlled; the dual wireless controller hot backup technology guarantees 300ms master/backup switching to ensure business continuity.
  2. High stability. Select dual-band APs, through multi-channel deployment, reduce signal interference between APs on the same floor and between APs in atriums across floors, and patented intelligent power adjustment technology to improve network stability.
  3. Safe and energy saving. Adopting PoE switch for power supply, eliminating potential safety hazards of strong power lines; time-based POE power supply strategy, remote switch AP, to achieve energy-saving and environmentally friendly wireless shopping malls.
  4. Easy to manage. The wireless network is integrated with the original wired network of the shopping mall. Through a unified network management platform, integrated management of switches, wireless APs, wireless controllers, PoE switches, and access users is realized, which is convenient for deployment, maintenance, and monitoring of the entire network.
  5. High scalability. High-performance, large-capacity wireless controller, enterprise-class WLAN dual-band AP, can provide wireless cashier, wireless office, wireless voice, wireless storage, wireless price adjustment, customer wireless Internet portal and other applications on the same network.
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