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What Is A Drone Signal Jammer And How It Works?

In recent years, the use of unmanned aircraft (in this case, civilian multicopters) has increased rapidly, and concerns about their safety have also increased. Many relevant departments, and even private individuals, want to do something to prevent drones from entering this sensitive area.

The Drone signal jammer device includes a portable main battery and a battery. The system uses the antenna of the three-band transmitter, which can generate the interference of the flight control and satellite of the unmanned aircraft in the range of 2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz, and affect the return, landing and falling of the unmanned aircraft to a certain extent. In terms of attack and defense status, the operator generally maintains a certain distance from the sensitive parts to be defended. The drone flew out from the driver and slowly approached the cordon. In the case of approaching the defense range and having the ability to conduct reconnaissance and jamming, the distance between the UAV and the defense range is generally much greater than the distance between it and the operator.

In this case, all signals from the surface (from land) are weakened. At the same energy, the Drone jammers as defenders will have better information than the controllers because they are closer to the unmanned aircraft. The defender will also receive more logout messages. However, in order to prevent the signal received by the control system, the distance between it and the operator is like the distance between a defender and the operator. Therefore, there is no favorable condition for interference with downlines.

It can be known from the above results that the uplink interference is greatly affected. It just so happens that the uplink signal is generally controlled remotely, which is related to the manipulation of the UAV. Once the uplink signal is disrupted, it will lose real-time control over the signal and will only execute according to the preset program (generally is landing, circling). The off-line signals are mainly remote sensing and images, and there are some sensitive information in them, but compared to the control signals, these are nothing, and the defense army does not have an absolute upper hand, so they generally choose ignore.

In the above situation, all uplink signals sent by the operator (sent from the ground to the UAV) will be relatively weak due to the long distance. With the same power, the Drone signal jammer defender‘s signal will be stronger than that of the operator because it is closer to the drone. Defenders will also receive stronger downside signals than manipulators. But the defense goal of the downlink signal is to prevent the operator from receiving it. At this time, the distance from the drone to the operator is similar to the distance from the defender to the operator. Therefore, blocking the downlink signal does not take advantage of the terrain.

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