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Why Do Prisons Need To Install Cell Phone Signal Jammers?

In prisons or detention centers, it is common knowledge to install Cell phone signal jammers. If you ask the purpose of installing a cell phone signal jammer in a prison, most people may say: Of course it is used to block the cell phone signal of the prisoners in the prison to prevent them from contacting the outside world. In fact, this is only an answer to the superficial question, and it does not stop the in-depth analysis of the essence of the question.

desktop signal jammers for prison

What was this prison set up for? Of course, it was established to detain criminals, so can criminals communicate with the outside world in prison? In fact, it is possible, but this kind of external contact has many restrictions. For example, you can only contact designated relatives and friends, and you must use the fixed telephone installed in the prison. Talk time is also limited. So what is the purpose of installing cell phone signal jammers in prisons?

As an important supervision place for confining criminals, criminals are not allowed to carry, hold and use mobile communication terminals such as mobile phones. In a prison with a sound management system and complete implementation of various inspection and audit measures, under normal circumstances, mobile phones are not allowed to be brought into the prison, let alone handed over to prisoners. Since under normal circumstances, criminals do not have mobile phones in their hands, why should mobile phone signal jammers be installed in prisons?

It depends on whether all prison management systems can be fully implemented and enforced. There is a proverb in our life: one hundred secrets one sparse, individual prison guards or prison staff will try their best to bring cell phones into the prison for personal purposes. If these staff members are not self-disciplined enough to keep their mobile phones poorly, so that they directly communicate with prisoners and hand over their mobile phones to relevant criminals for use, then things will become serious. For such illegal acts, because there are too many shady scenes in the whole process, it is impossible to detect and stop them immediately. As a prison manager, they can only install a mobile phone jammer to directly stop blocking all mobile phone signals in the prison. In this way, even if some mobile phones are taken into prison, the existence of the mobile phone signal jammer will cause the mobile phone to have no signal and cannot normally stop communicating with the outside world.

From the previous analysis, it can be seen that the apparent phenomenon is that the cell phone signal jammer installed in the prison is for criminals to use cell phones, but the real purpose behind it is to prevent local undisciplined prison personnel from bringing cell phones into the prison without permission, which will lead to more serious problems. Use of mobile phones in violation of prison restrictions.

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