Ultrasonic Anti-Spy Voice Recording Audio Jammer
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Ultrasonic Anti-Spy Voice Recording Audio Jammer

Original price was: $295.00.Current price is: $159.00.

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This Ultrasonic Jammer Is Designed to Protect Your Important Conversations. It Will Neutralise Electronic Devices With Microphones Such as Mobile Phones (Including Smartphones), Audio Recorders (Including Professional and Digital), Analogue and Digital Wireless and Wired Microphones. It Creates an Ultrasonic Noise With a Complex Structure That Directly Neutralizes the Efficiency of the Microphone Membrane.


  • Can Be Used While Charging.
  • Anti-recording of Company Meeting.
  • Prevent Important Lectures From Recording.
  • Jamming Distance Up to 3 ~ 5 Meters Workable.
  • 9 Ultrasonic Transducers and Powerful Speaker.
  • Anti-eavesdropping on Important Conversations.
  • Three Output Directions. Shielding Angle 300 Degrees.
  • 4000mah Large Capacity Battery. Can Work as Power Bank.
  • Cant Be Heard by the Human Ear.  Absolutely Soundless Operation.
  • Comes With a Wireless Remote. It Can Be Remotely Controlled Up to 50 Meters.



  • Leadership Office, Combat Command Centers, and Other Places to Prevent Illegal Recording.
  • Conference Room, Office, Court, Reception Room, Confidential Meeting, Private Meeting, High-level Meeting, Business Negotiation, Leisure Club, Party, Etc.


Functional Description

  • Ultrasonic Speaker: 9pc
  • Ultrasonic Speaker Angle: 300 Degrees
  • Ultrasonic Speaker Directions: 3 Directions
  • Anti-recording Emission: 120 Db/30cm
  • Charging Voltage: 5v/1a
  • Output Voltage: 5v/1a
  • Battery Type: 4000mah Rechargeable
  • Work Time: About 2 Hour
  • Charge Time: About 2 Hour
  • Operated Temperature: -10°c ~ 55°c
  • Size: 22*65*140mm
  • Weight: 0.17kg


Package Included

  • 1 * Ultrasonic Voice Jammer
  • 1 * Remote Control
  • 1 * Usb Charging Cable
  • 1 * User Manual

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6 reviews for Ultrasonic Anti-Spy Voice Recording Audio Jammer

  1. Andrea Pickard

    Simple to operate, durable, easy to carry in your pocket or briefcase. Nice way to help mask private conversations on the go.

  2. Asif Iqbal

    I wasn’t aware that the noise it emitted was so loud. It is difficult to talk over but I am confident that it does work.

  3. Patrick J

    The audio jammer is a great buy to mask audio from spy devices nearby. I like the product, thanks.

  4. Jammer-Store

    This min audio jammer device can be adjusted from a soft white noise sound very loud by turning the dial. If I place it near the front door of my apartment, it drowns out the sound of my voice if I’m having a discussion that I don’t want anyone to hear because when I walk down the hall, I can hear personal conversations. And I live in a high end condo and expected that sounds would be more buffered. I place it near me when I have a private phone discussion that I don’t want my other family members to listen to. Assume that it will last a long time and that the technology that it’s made with is why the price is what it is.

  5. Ali Gamal

    this thing makes a bunch of noise, like a tv that isn’t getting a signal. Apparently this keeps microphones from listening. I only use it when having very sensitive conversations and I do not think I’m being recorded. It can be loud but it is well worth it.

  6. Fawn

    Excellent device!! It does what what you claim will be getting one more!!!

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