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Car Jammer and Vehicle Remote Jammers

For those who travel frequently, a car remote jammer is a necessity to prevent snooping, security breaches and distractions that may compromise the driver’s ability to securely transport persons or goods.  There are a variety of car signal jammer products ranging from within the vehicle and around the vehicle to a large radius for those who need the wider scope included in the security detail.

A Prison Signal Jammer can Increase Public Safety

Prison phone jammers are durable and withstand the elements, as well as attempts at sabotage and destruction. Used in facilities globally, these are the best available in the signal jammer marketplace.
Our 16 bands car jammer is currently in use in multiple countries and our new 24 bands vehicle jammer  is one of the most superior correctional facilities products available.
Our portable cell phone jammers units are instrumental for correctional officers doing cell searches and ‚Äėshakedowns‚Äô, searching for contraband cell phones.
Also be sure to see our drone jammer category to prevent UAV intrusions to secure facilities.

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Remote Control Jammer Shopping recommendations for you:

Remote controls are used widely in our daily life such as the TV remote control, the air conditioner remote control and toy remote control, Car remote control jammer 315/433 mhz and so on. Not all the remote controls is with the same frequency bands such as 315Mhz, 330Mhz, 390Mhz, 433Mhz, 868Mhz and so many other frequency bands. And there is no doubt that the design of the remote control jammer is to cut off the signals of the remote   control.On the other hand,you can install Vehicle RF Jamming system.So you can ensure the safety of the car

Remotely controlled robots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and other surveillance drones operated by humans with the help of remote controls are getting very popular these days. Due to the high price of the professional surveillance drones like quadrocopters many enthusiasts are trying to make their own, cheap but working prototypes of spying robots for personal usage. And those robots work quite well! So you can choose a jammer for any type of robot in this category as well.

There are flying, ground driving, jumping, wall climbing models and even those which might be thrown into your house by the person that controls it and only then it will be used as the driving surveillance drone. Those things have great potential for intelligence agencies and the only way you can quietly and effectively stop them is to break connections between drones and their remote controls with the help of our remote control jammers.

Thus the remote control jammer can also keep your children pay attention to the study, as it can block the signals of the TV remote control when they are not willing to do homework and want to watch TV, you can just open the remote control jammer and told them that the TV remote control is out of power or it is broken and coax them to do the home work first. And here you can gain both the portable gps jammer and desktop remote control blocker according to your real situation